About company

Industrial complex "Uralasbest" is situated in a city Asbest of Sverdlovsk area which is located on east slope of the Ural Mountains, in 80 km on the north-east from the capital of Ural of the city of Ekaterinburg.
Public Joint Stock Company "Uralasbest" is the city-forming enterprise of the city of Asbest with annual tax deduction in the budgets of all levels of about 1,5 billion rubles.

The industrial complex "Uralasbest" - is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of chrysotile in the world. The industrial complex makes
The industrial complex makes

  • 21 % of chrysotile in the world
  • 41 % in the Russian Federation

80 % of made chrysotile we are delivering for export


Industrial complex is the largest in Russia manufacturer of non-metallic building materials which are delivering for road and railway building

Annual capacity is 12 million tons

Integrated system of quality management and ecology is introduced and works at the industrial complex "Uralasbest". The industrial complex has received the international certificates
ISO 9001 и ISO 14001

The enterprise structure includes 10 structural divisions (processing factory, the company "Industrial Explosion", main management, ore mining, rail department, central laboratory of production control, department of logistics, plant for production of thermal and sound insulation materials, training centre, computer centre, motor company) and 20 subsidiaries companies that offer a variety of services and additional products..

Number of staff JSC "Uralasbest" is about 8000 persons

PJSC "Uralasbest" is highly mechanized enterprise equipped with the modern equipment. The industrial complex works on the basis of the richest Bazhenovskoye deposit, the reconnoitered which stocks will suffice more than for one hundred years. The deposit is developed in the open way. It is annually extracted about 30 million tons of mountain weight.


  • 33 dredges are involved in quarry
  • 5 chisel machine tools
  • 24 heavy-duty dump trucks load-carrying capacity from 30 to 130 tons
  • 45 electric locomotives
  • 14 locomotives 
  • Extent of railway tracks of 252 km.
  • The total area occupied with mountain works makes 40 sq.km.

Concentrating factory is highly mechanized and automated enterprise with difficult technological schemes, with a diverse complex of buildings, constructions, vehicles, communications. The total area makes 146 hectares. At factory it is established more than 6000 units of the basic, technological and transport equipment.


A lot of attention is given to development of new manufactures at the expense of own means.

For "Uralasbest" social issues is one of the priorities
Annually on the implementation of the social needs sent about 364 million rubles.