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JSC "URALASBEST" is largest producer of chrysotile in the world. Age of the enterprise - more than 120 years. The company manufactures 21 % of chrysotile in the world. 78 % we are delivering for export. Volume of chrysotile production is 450 thousand tons per year.

JSC "URALASBEST" is largest producer of non-metallic construction materials in Russia. During 60 years 384 million tons is delivered to consumers. It is a train of 86 thousand km length. Annual production capacity is 12 million tons.

JSC "URALASBEST" is largest producer of heat-insulation and sound-proof materials in Urals. Production capacity of the plant is 94 thousand tons per year.

The enterprise structure includes: processing factory, the company "Industrial Explosion", main management, ore mining, rail department, central laboratory of production control, department of logistics, plant for production of thermal and sound insulation materials, training centre, computer centre, motor company and 13 subsidiaries companies that offer a variety of services and additional products.
Our partners
Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Sverdlovsk region
Federal Licensing Center
Non-commercial partnership "SRO-AS"
Union of Construction Industry of the Sverdlovsk region
Smart Consulting Group
Ural Chamber of Commerce
Non-commercial partnership "Ural Logistics Association"
Non-commercial partnership "Russian Mining"
Non-commercial partnership "Ural Mining Association"
Non-profit Association "Bowels of the Earth"
Association "Quarries of Eurasia"
Non-profit organization "Chrysotile association"
Concentrating factory
Quarry of chrysotile ore extraction
Loading of ore
Complex for ore fragmentation and sorting
Special filters of hose pattern
Conveyer of packed chrysotile
Breakstone, sand, mineral mix
Heat-insulating materials plant ECOVER
Packaging line ECOVER
Social organizations
Sverdlovsk regional organization of trade union of builders of Russia
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