Non-metallic mineral materials for construction

The combine "Uralasbest" is one of the largest producers of nonmetallic construction materials in Russia.
Annual production of rubble - to 6 million tons. The production technology of construction materials allows to receive any fraction of rubble, any mix of sand with rubble and guarantees production with the set qualitative characteristics.

The source of raw materials for production of rubble are lateral and containing breeds: peridotite, diorite, gabbro and serpentine.

According to researches, high operational indicators of the paving of highways are reached thanks to advantages of construction materials of combine "Uralasbest".

Rubble from dense rocks of fractions 5-10; 5-15; 10-15; 10-20; 5-20; 20-40; 40-80 mm.

RUBBLE FROM DENSE ROCKS is applied in road construction, by production of construction works, as filler to monolithic, modular and ferro-concrete designs. Distinctive property of rubble of all fractions is the cubical form of grains. It is reached by application in technological process of crushers of shock action. When using such rubble in road construction ability of a paving to maintain high loadings increases.

Щебень фракции 25-60 мм

RUBBLE of fraction of 25-60 mm is applied to a bed of a railway

The combine "Uralasbest" the first in Russia received on rubble of 25-60 mm the certificate of conformity of the Register of certification on federal railway transport. Long-term operating experience and researches of experts showed that the bed from rubble of 25-60 mm can successfully be applied both at a section design of a way, and at non-section with railway cross ties. On way sites where our rubble is applied, costs of the current maintenance of a way decreased, the periods between repairs increased, repair cost decreased. Our rubble has low specific electric conductivity (0.0943 Ohm/m, norm of 0.32 Ohm/m). Use of our rubble as a bed and in protivopuchinny pillows allowed roads of the Urals and Siberia it is essential to reduce extent of sites with seasonal deformations of a way.


Are applied to the device of coverings, the bases and additional layers of the bases of highways and airfields, for strengthening of roadsides of highways.


Are applied during the manufacturing of asphalt concrete and asfalt mixes.


Is issued in the form of fraction of 60-150 mm and it is applied to the laying of the bases, walls (external and internal), at construction of hydraulic engineering constructions and other massive concrete and ferro-concrete constructions, for decorative furnish of buildings and constructions.


Is applied by production of the soft roof to roofing material booking. It allows to increase indicators of durability and covering service life.


Additional information:

  • Adhesion to bitumen of 100 %
  • High indicators on the breaking up (brand 1400).
  • Low abrasion (brand I1)
  • High frost resistance (F300 brand and above).
  • Centrifugal and shock crushers allow to adjust rubble of the cubic form with the content of grains of the lamellar form less than 10 %.
  • Lack of clay in lumps.
  • The structure of rubble is steady against any kinds of disintegration.
  • Specific effective activity of radio nuclides is much lower than norm.
  • High factor of coupling of wheels of the car with the paving (0,35-0,42) which grows with increase in term of operation of roads.
  • High stability against atmospheric corrosion.
  • The high indicator of stability from cracks and shift.
  • Significant increase in service life of roads.

Rubble, rubble and sand mixes, sand, grit we will deliver on any route automobile and by rail. Concerning purchase we ask to address in JSC "Uralasbest".
Nonmetallic construction materials are not toxic, radioactivity in tens times less minimum admissible standard for 1 class of construction materials, thus materials possess radiating and protective properties. On all construction materials the combine has certificates of quality and protocols of radiological researches. JSC "Uralasbest" provides complete control of delivery of production to the buyer to the destination.

JSC "Uralasbest" provides complete control of delivery of production to the buyer to the destination.

Quality of construction materials is supervised by the test laboratory JSC "Uralasbest" accredited on technical competence and on compliance to the international standard

The laboratory is equipped with all modern devices of control and the measuring instruments provided by standard documentation according to which construction materials are issued.

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