Investment activities

PJSC “Uralasbest” invites owners and managers of foreign companies, having interest in entering Russian market for business and production organization, opening branches and departments at the territory of Asbest city of Sverdlovsk region. PJSC “Uralasbest” has several advantages and is ready for different forms of participation for joint realization of investment projects at the territory of Asbest city with foreign partners.

Our advantages, being an investor and partner: 

  • reliability of “Uralasbest” group of companies (industrial production since 1889);
  • professional work at the internal market of Russia and export markets;
  • the experience in realization of investment projects, including import of production equipment;
  • оexperience of work in the whole complex of fields (mining, production of building materials and high-purity chemicals etc.), including human services (water supply, electricity supply, catering, working uniform tailoring etc.);
  • realized projects of entering the business and getting shares in business;
  • access to financial resources;
  • support of municipal and regional authorities;
  • existence of production infrastructure (roads and railways, electric power, water) and free production areas;
  • вhigh quality specialists;
  • convenient geographical position and transport accessibility of economically developed big cities (Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Kamensk-Uralskiy, Kurgan).